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Concert Photos

A special thanks to Tony Leonhardt for taking photos at a few of our recent shows. They’re brilliant, have a look.

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& Yet Studio Recording Day 1

Today’s our first day in the recording studio with Mat Bainton. We’re off to a good start with drum tracks to Talkeenta and & Yet. This is the time to be very particular about every note, every drum hit, every everything. We’ll be up to this for awhile, so we’re getting acquainted with the whole situation.

Here’s Nathaniel getting all set up on the drums!

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A Bud Has Bloomed EP

This coming weekend represents a milestone in the development of & Yet’s prowess. Dane, Nathaniel and Jonathan will be entering the recording studio to build the rhythmic foundation of our introductory six-song EP: A Bud Has Bloomed.

Some may say we’re long overdo. Dane Ueland’s song-writing has been begging for quality recording for many years and our current orchestration has been in development for over a year. But & Yet has continued to bide its time. This is not something we take lightly. These songs and the concept of this record have grown and evolved towards maturity for as long as necessary and never has it crossed a mind to record pre-mature songs poorly just to have a product in hand. No, the time has come because the moment is right.

A Bud Has Bloomed will feature:


The Spins

A Rat in the Rafters

& Yet

Into The Teeth

A Bud Has Bloomed

(not necessarily in that order)

We are eager to cement the rhythmic sections of these songs this week and will cut no corners in the layering of the complex parts that define & Yet’s intimate delicacy and dynamic intensity. Though we’re not yet sure on our release date, we’ll be thrilled to have a record to offer you, the fan, early next year.

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(Listen to the Demo Here)

I woke up with a gun in my bed behind bars of shadows, the sunbeams bled in. I must have crept through Arthur’s room in the night. Heavy in hand, I’d put up a hot-blooded fight. I broke his heart like the bricks of Sodom because pillars of salt keep my food from rotting. I pray for silence from the god above us and on and on and on and on I keep talking. On and on and on and on.

Prick of thistle in every step, so I’ll step lighter if I can. Face the sky and the father’s back. I put the north at mine and take a shaded path. Love for foe transcends love for friend because an enemy shows his coat color and his intent. I pray for solace from the burning land and on and on and on and on I keep on circling. And on and on and on and on I keep on circling.

And on and on and on and on.

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October 10th at the Comet Tavern.

Wednesday, October 10th: Cloud Person, & Yet, English Gardensand Robust Worlds play the Comet Tavern in Seattle, WA.

“Cloud Person started as a moniker that Pete Jordan used for lofi demo recordings.
After the demise of his previous rock band, Pete decided to rerecord some of the demos and release them as an EP with no game plan in mind. Just for the hell of it.
He enlisted the services of Betsy Johnson(Violin) and Cameron Arneson(Bass), both of whom he ended up starting Cloud Person the band with, along with Matt Zook(Clarinet) and Justin Neff (Native American Flute) for finishing touches to the mostly recorded EP and released it as ‘Anchors in the Sun’ in March of this year.” We’ve played with them on a few occasions and are consistently enthralled.

English Gardens and Robust Worlds are sure to come out ready to impress. We are certainly looking forward to their sets. It’s gonna be a good ole’ Wednesday night at the Comet. Come out and have a drink, listen to some tunes, and remember that your love of Seattle is based solely on the fact that you can go to a bar in the middle of the week and see a lineup of indie bands that no one’s ever heard of. How hip are you?

The Comet Tavern is located at 922 E Pike st on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA. See you there.

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A Bud Has Bloomed.

Oh oh oh how grand, a bud has bloomed here in the sand. It grows low against the land and it takes whatever dew it can. Weaker ones burst all around in droves in groves and richer ground. Careless breeze and honeybee, some seedlings fly into the sea.

{Oh oh oh how kind your nature was then at the time love was sewn in dimming light but you told me it would be alright. Was it nature on its course that choked us, cut us from the source? Or was that watershed not deep as you had led me to believe?}

Every morn and every night, blooms are born to sweet delight, and each night and every morn, some to misery are born. Some to misery are born.

Oh oh oh how fine the animal poems she’d sing in the night, so I should never mourn a light bathed in and burned in and known all right. The dew from her brimming eye, the blossom seized to keep alive and it lived low a little life.

{Oh oh oh how strange that you would find no place for blame, just a draught, the play of fate, not the seed of doubt allowed to germinate in a greenhouse not a grove, it was careful hands that helped it grow. They callous from their honest work, yours hid secrets in the dirt.}

Every morn and every night, {our hearts were still}, Blooms are born to sweet delight {Some sit upon a sill} and each night and every morn {They await the dew} Some to misery are born. Some to misery are born {As I once waited for you}.

See the way men beg for you like the tides? Pulling at your legs, violent and malign I have used my waves, my weight, my might While you wade in them safe, keeping your hair dry.

{Nature does not deceive, It does not lead to believe. Fertile or plagued with weeds, soil is honest in everything.}

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Ache For Joy

The fear of death is a disease,
It belongs in knowable degrees.
It belongs when the conveyors freeze,
And you are stuck in the machine.

Death sits in the center aisle.
To the aweless he presents a smile.
Sometimes, to the agonized, he presents a cup,
And greedily they take it up,
And they take it down and join with soil,
Quiet soil to be trod.
Troubles at end, the ground is loyal.
A friend in death, like breath of God.

The chilling thing is not the strike,
But a healthy limb blackened with blight.
The venom’s spread needs a healthy vein,
As does the heel to crush the snake.

In loss of all, there is no loss.
Without possession, there can be no cost.
So I say fear to fail a friend,
I say let the sucker live to fear the end,
As he sits in a chair and he drinks and it fends
Off the ache to make joy, in place play and pretend
Off the knowing that knowing is his flash in the pan.
And what all can he do? We all do what we can,
While the dark day comes one day closer at hand.
It’s a story for the worm, it’s a flag in the sand.
I know his disgrace like the back of my hand.
I take pride in it now, and that I don’t understand
Keeps me alone in the room begging you give me a hand…

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Talkeetna (Demo Version)

Listen to the Demo here.

Talkeetna (Demo Version)

My love climbed up over me and Canada, back to where river and mountain coddle her. And cold ghost light besets the night and drives it out. My love climbed up over me and waits there now.

I chose, I let you go on alone, I planted my feet. But I’ll cut the roots and come for you in Talkeetna

My love shines up at her like a lighthouse beam. But it’s I, not she, adrift and I will lift over the seams. And a cold force spreading stars apart does so to hearts. My love shines up at her and could reach as far.

A rose, the wind your grace is in, it filled up in me, but I’ll cut the roots and come for you in Talkeetna.

I will hold you soon. You’re now eternal, too.

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