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March 14th at the Tractor with Edmund Wayne and Holiday Friends


A Bud Has Bloomed

& Yet Studio Recording Day 1

Today’s our first day in the recording studio with Mat Bainton. We’re off to a good start with drum tracks to Talkeenta and & Yet. This is the time to be very particular about every note, every drum hit, every everything. We’ll be up to this for awhile, so we’re getting acquainted with the whole situation.

Here’s Nathaniel getting all set up on the drums!

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Show Write-up. Y La Bamba, Paper Bird, & Yet

Show Write-up. Y La Bamba, Paper Bird, & Yet

We got a nice mention in the write-up for our recent show with Y La Bamba and Paper Bird last week at the Crocodile in Seattle. Thanks to everyone who made it, but if you didn’t, we have no pity. You missed out.

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